UPDATE! - November 2019 - We are a State Appointed Testing Facility!

About Us


About l EARNit!, LLC. and Owner Karen Wamback

I am Karen Wamback owner/operator of l EARNit!, LLC I am a wife, mother, grandmother, dog mom and NURSE.

Nursing, especially as it relates to educating our first line in patient-centered care, has been my passion for a number of years. I was trained as a CNA (after a 6-week training course) in Indiana and worked as one for many years. In 2001, I met my husband and became a "transplanted Ohioan". Experience: STNA, LPN and MSN, RN. Certifications: MSN - Nursing Education, TTT certified, BLS CPR instructor, State Appointed CNA Tester.

During my years as both an aid as well as nurse, in various facilities, I have focused on providing excellent care to those I and my co-workers serve, this focus has led me to the desire to pass on these skills to another generation of care providers.

Graduates of I EARNit! will be technically skilled, self-confident, proud of the excellence they exhibit working with and for the residents entrusted to them, and an asset to their employers.

In regards to those for whom we care, they will internalize the mantra: "They don't live in our work place, we work in their homes”!!